Record Time

Revolutionary digital docketing solution.

Project Overview

Paperless Docketing Mobile Application

Record TIME is a mobile docketing system, that will replace your tedious paper systems and allow you to spend less time chasing paper docket approvals. Record TIME is a fully customisable mobile software application suitable for Android or IOS enabled smartphones or tablets.

Record Time will also allow Pre-start checks, WH&S Safety Checklists, Proof of Delivery, and Inspection validation of work completed.

Our Challenge

When we first began the project, we did not even know what a docket was. But this did not stop us from taking on this challenge! The clients described a problem they were facing amongst each other.

Upon careful investigation, we realised that it was a problem the entire industry was facing. We then proposed a solution which was to build a digital docketing platform. After tackling many subtle issues and major complications, the concept of “Modular Docket” was finally developed.


After a lot of hard work, coffee and sleepless nights the final product is something that we are truly proud of. The product is available in both the iOS and Android store and also features a comprehensive backend. With users from a variety of industries, the state-of-the-art software speaks for itself.