Quote jobs quickly and professionally.

Project Overview

Web Quoting Application

Quoto is a web app that can be used for the bathroom renovation trade. It is a tool that is simple to use and allow users to quote jobs within minutes. It was developed by a builder who is very well experienced in the industry.

Our Challenge

The project appeared deceivingly simple when we first spoke to the client. However, we quickly realised that building a quoting platform, with dynamic forms was no simple task. Because we love challenges, we decided to tackle it head-on. Furthermore, extensive research had to be carried out in order to develop complex algorithms that calculate minimal wastage solutions.

Additionally, we had to learn 10 years of industry experience within months. Therefore, we do not hesitate to say that we are extremely adaptive and able to tackle novel challenges


The final product is an elegantly designed web app that allows the end user to calculate and quote jobs in a matter of minutes. The simpler something becomes to use, the harder the engineers have to work. Quoto was no exception to this rule. Quoto shows our teams software engineering skills as well as our problem-solving abilities.