How to get more App ideas?


JUNE, 2013

Mobile Application
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It is quite clear that the number of people using handheld devices is increasing.

Statistics indicate that this growth isn’t going to slow anytime soon. Therefore, having a good idea and acting on it can potentially make you very successful. In this article, I explain some of the ways in which you can generate more app ideas. Let us get started.

You do not always have to re-invent the wheel

Take a look at the app store or the Android market and see what kinds of apps are doing well. Look at the “top” charts and see what a currently successful app is doing. You can always take an existing idea and tweak it or modify it in some way (Instagram is a good example of this). Try to enhance or combine ideas together to create a new one. Think of games you played when you were a kid or things that you did that could be implemented on an app. This approach will definitely create some great ideas!


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Try to solve an existing issue

Think: What is something that bugs me that could be solved with an app? For example, not being able to find a parking spot bugs me, could an app solve this issue? If so, how? Or another question to ask is: How could something be done easier and more efficiently with an app? Maybe it is booking a doctors appointment or ordering pizza. The list is endless.


You can also come up with novel and unique ideas for apps. As Steve Jobs said, “believing that the dots will connect will give you the confidence to follow your heart…” Follow your heart, stay calm and listen to your inner voice and come up with a novel idea. Write all your ideas down and keep doing so until you have found THE idea. You can combine step 1 and step 2 to help you innovate!

“Believing that the dots will connect will give you the confidence to follow your heart…” – Steve Jobs

Never give up

The people who developed Angry Birds had released more than 50 apps before landing on the successful game. The company was facing bankruptcy. Therefore, if you keep on trying you will most likely come up with a great idea that will prove successful!

So there are some quick tips to help you generate more ideas. Hope you guys found them useful. Please feel free to comment and add anything that you think is relevant.