My app idea already exist?


MAY, 2014

Mobile Application
App Idea

If you are like most people thinking of app ideas, there is always the worry that the idea already exists.

With the vast number of people out there, there is a very good chance someone has already thought of the same concept. However, you should not give up at this stage. People tend to think that ideas that are similar to other apps that already exist should be abandoned. Let me give you some good examples to illustrate why this is not the best approach:


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If Twitter had thought, “Facebook already exists, we need to think of another idea, maybe one that’s not a social network”, you can imagine how disastrous this would be. Although the value of the idea is easy to see in hindsight, you should not stop at this stage. The same can be said about Instagram, an app that Facebook bought for a billion dollars. Instagram is a concept very much like Facebook, but with a key innovation; the ability to take photos, add filters to it and upload it.

The lesson we should all learn from events like these is that your app idea does not necessarily have to be unique. Taking an existing idea, adding a key feature, refining it and marketing it well can lead to great success. This is exactly what LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram have done. This leads us to my next point; marketing is important.

“People tend to think that ideas that are similar to other apps that already exist should be abandoned”

Developing an app is just the beginning; you then need to get it into the hands of many people. There are many apps out there with a great underlying idea that have either been poorly executed or haven’t gained much momentum. Therefore, if you do come up with a concept, do not get discouraged if something similar already exists. Instead, analyse the existing app and check whether you could make it different and market it more effectively. If you think you can sell it better, or have an innovative idea to add to it, then you should seriously consider getting your idea developed.

It can be frustrating to learn that an app with your idea already exists. But do not let this get to you. Instead, use this additional piece of information to your advantage. Analyse the existing app, learn from its mistakes and use it to help you refine your own idea.