If you haven’t already played Dodger That, give it a go! You can download it for free from both the Apple and the Google play store. The concept behind the game is simple, however, it can get tricky very rapidly.

Here is the story behind the game:

“You’re a careless pilot who has been toying with innocent birds. After your latest incident, your plane has been damaged! A flock of birds will try and crash your plane as part of their revenge. Your task is to dodge them. But be careful, the damages to your plane mean your instruments are faulty. Therefore, it may not be as easy to fly your plane!”

The objective is to dodge as many birds as possible, avoiding a fatal crash. As you play, the direction switches, which means a left tilt of your device, actually moves the plane right and vice versa. This direction change happens periodically and the user needs to adjust accordingly. This simple logic makes the game challenging but fun at the same time.

For those of you who have already played, this article will clarify certain aspects of the game as well as give you some hints! The first clarification is regarding the direction change. When the arrow appears, this is a warning, telling you that a direction change is about to take place. The actual change occurs when the arrow has completely faded out. Be careful though, as the fadeout time changes depending on the direction change. Wait until the arrow has completely disappeared to adjust your move!

For those of you who want some hints to increase your score, read on.

  1. The birds are designed to come towards you (the plane). Your last location, at the moment of their spawn, is where they will be heading.  How can you use this to your advantage?
  2. Anticipate the fast birds. Remember, a random algorithm decides when to launch the fast birds, therefore keep this is mind throughout the game play.
  3. Get used to the accelerometer sensitivity. Making controlled movements is essential.

Have you got your own hints, tips or tricks? Please post them below; we would love to hear them! Also, what is your answer to hint 1? Now go on, beat your high score!

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