How should I price my app?

You might happily pay 4-5$ for a cup of coffee, but paying 99 cents for a useful app seems far-fetched. You should keep this is mind, if you are thinking of getting an app developed. Nowadays, almost every single successful app is priced FREE. In this article we aim... read more

Does my app idea already exist?

Does my app idea already exist? If it does should I come up with a new one?   If you are like most people thinking of app ideas, there is always the worry that the idea already exists. With the vast number of people out there, there is a very good chance someone... read more

How to get a high score on Dodger That

If you haven’t already played Dodger That, give it a go! You can download it for free from both the Apple and the Google play store. The concept behind the game is simple, however, it can get tricky very rapidly. Here is the story behind the game: “You’re... read more

What kind of app should I develop?

Today we are going to discuss what type of app you should consider developing. This is to help you come up with an idea in the right category. The idea is to think of an app idea, in the right category, as to maximize revenue and downloads. As always, we begin by... read more

App idea analyser

How to analyse your app ideas? Note: The diagram below assumes that once a person has an idea, he/she will analyse their budget, time frame, risk and so on during the “Analyze the idea” step. Our next blog post will elaborate on this so stay tuned! There are many apps... read more

Got an app idea? Act now!

Got an app idea? Act on it now! If you have a good idea, then act on it immediately! Chances are someone else has thought of something similar and is already on the move. We have experienced numerous scenarios in which this has happened. We think of a great app idea,... read more

5 Essentials For Your E-Commerce Website

5 Essentials That Your E-Commerce Website Must Have If you own an online shop, then you want to make sure that your website has the following essentials. E-Commerce is gaining popularity, and with the right approach, you could be attracting more customers. Let us get... read more

SEO Tips: How to increase web traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Tips on how to get more people to visit your website. Hi everyone! Today’s article will be about some simple techniques that can be used to increase web traffic. Without further a do, lets get started! 1. Get a Blog. A blog is a great... read more

How to get more App ideas

It is quite clear that the number of people using handheld devices is increasing. Statistics indicate that this growth isn’t going to slow anytime soon. Therefore, having a good idea and acting on it can potentially make you very successful. In this article, I explain... read more
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